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The foundations of what would later become DKS Global were laid in 1985. At that time, the company, which had a different business name, started to work for the Korean Ministry of National Defense and a few years later began to export to Japan. It was only on July

1995 that DKS was officially founded. Behind this new start was RMD Kwikform's business expansion towards emerging markets of North East Asia. RMD Kwikform, which is well known and highly regarded, has experience in formwork, scaffolding and engineering in the construction industry. DKS has supplied RMD Kwikform with formwork and scaffolding products for projects all over the world. Projects in South Korea include Gyeongbu Express Railway, Yeongdong Express Highway, Gwangan Bridge, Yongdam Dam and others.
In 2001, Safety Step (a DKS scaffolding system) was certified by the Scaffolding and Construction Equipment Association of Japan and DKS began exporting it to the Japanese market. This milestone marked the beginning of a new area for DKS, which successfully entered the Japanese market. In addition, when it comes to the South Korean scaffolding market, DKS was the industry pioneer by introducing Safety Step, the first system scaffolding certified by the Korean Association of Scaffolding and Access.

DKS then began its scaffolding rental business in South Korea. Several large companies helped and supported DKS to develop and expand its national business. What DKS is most proud of is not the growth of its scaffold rental business, but the fact that it has helped to improve the safety of workers on construction sites when the concept of security was not a top priority in South Korea and thus raised safety standards in the construction industry.
In 2013, DKS had the opportunity to take up a new challenge in terms of innovation and technology, by co-developing with Nikken Lease Kogyo (Japan's leading scaffolding rental company) a revolutionary new scaffolding system called ND System (Nikken Darwin Scaffolding System). Since its launch in Japan, the market share of the ND System has been steadily increasing and DKS has been supplying several hundred tons of this system to Nikken Lease Kyogo every month.

The quality of construction equipment is the key to the safety of construction sites. DKS always has the safety and well-being of workers in mind and carries out strict quality controls. Several DKS employees are certified ‘Authorized Quality Control Personnel’ by the Scaffolding and Construction Equipment Association of Japan. DKS' goal in production is to achieve zero non-conforming products, which is why DKS has set up automated machines such as welding robots, fully automated welding machines, laser processing machines, pipe cutting machines and notching machines. Moreover, DKS Global is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS.

In a world where new trends and technologies are introduced into the market every day, DKS is constantly working on research and development to be able to offer the best value to its customers. DKS opened an R&D office at the beginning of 2017 and is working to develop new products as well as to review the current system with the aim of improving it and providing our partners with greater efficiency and productivity. DKS will link moral value to quality and quality to innovation in order to develop and transform the present into a better future.

Joonhun Yang

DKS Global Co.,Ltd

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