• Jun 04, 2019
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DKS Global has significantly contributed to improving safety on construction sites in South Korea by being the first company to introduce system scaffolding back in 2001.

Currently we are exporting our new generation scaffolding to Japan where its success is well proven.

Its main feature among many others is that its guardrail can be assembled and dismantled from the lower level, ensuring a faster and safer process for scaffolders.

This system has received an extremely positive feedback from industry professionals during our demonstrations at exhibitions in Korea, Australia and the United States.

We are looking for partners who, like us, are committed to improving the safety of construction sites and the well-being of workers. Feel free to contact us and join us today in this exciting journey.


Contact us:


Division Director / DJ Lee

Sales & Marketing Division

T. +82-53-554-8333

M. +82-10-8828-1286

E. dj@dksglobal.com


General Manager / Olivier Gaume

Sales & Marketing Division

T. +82-53-554-8333


E. ogaume@dksglobal.com

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