ND Stage


Working safely in high-rise construction sites is not an easy thing to do. With ND Stage we have an easy-to-use and affordable working platform that is used to help workers connect one column to another vertically and in a safe way. This solution has already been used in numerous projects in Japan.

ND Stage Benefits

  • 2 safety handrails with toe boards
  • Simple design for convenient use and easy assembly
  • Designed to reduce storage space by being able to remove handrails and store inside the stage platform
    The design and the weight make transport easier and cost effective

Maximum Loading Quantity


Example of 4 ton truck with Stages loaded.

10 Ton Truck 60 sets ND Stages and Handrails
4 Ton Truck 30 sets ND Stages and Handrails

The loading quantity may vary depending on the type of truck.

3Types safety of ND Stage

Item Code A X B Weight
ND Stage Main Body NDS 73.2 X 28.0in 1860 x 710mm 54.5 lb 24.7 kg
ND Stage Handrail NDSHT 21.7 X 37.9in 550 X 962mm 3.5 lb 1.6 kg
ND Stage Cross Over Platform 400-700 NDS07 33.7 X 14.4(25.8)in 855 X 365(655)mm 24 lb 10.9 kg
ND Stage Cross Over Platform 700-1000 NDS10 45.5 X 11.4(20.0)in 1155 X 290(505)mm 26.7 lb 12.1 kg
ND Stage Cross Over Platform 400-700 NDS07T 61.0 X 18.7in 1550 X 475mm 5.9 lb 2.7 kg
ND Stage Cross Over Platform 700-1000 NDS10T 49.2 X 18.7in 1250 X 475mm 7.3 lb 3.3 kg

NKS Ladder


ND Stage Ladders ready for installation

size : 157.4" / 278.7" / 39.3"


  1. Allowable load : 440.9lb (200kg)
  2. Do not put pressure on the bottom.
  3. Do not apply safety rope on the handrails


※ This high quality product has been used on numerous projects throughout Japan.

nd_stage_06.jpg Standard Piece
nd_stage_07.jpg ND Stage install part
Easy to detach
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