Soundproof Panel



DKS Global's soundproof protective panel is an integral response to problems related to weather, soundproofing and protection against hazards. The installed panels form a barrier around the entire structure, shielding workers and pedestrians against dangers while providing a powerful method of limiting dust, noise and other environment-related contaminants.


DKS Global's soundproof protective panel is versatile and can be used for all types of system scaffoldings as well as clamp and tube scaffoldings, making it the perfect complement to a scaffolding portfolio.

Features and benefits

Various Sizes and Two Types of Panels

Regular Panel and Floodlit Panel Regular Panel is made with Aluminium and PE, Floodlit Panel is made with Polycarbonate.

Stackable Aluminium Frame

Aluminium is sturdy and lightweight, this product is stackable, it saves storage space and transport costs.

Designed for its strength

Each corner of the panel is installed with reinforcing plates. This reinforcing plate is hot dip galvanized steel with stainless steel screw. (No problems with rust)


95% of the products materials can be recycled – less industrial waste.

Noise reduction

The noise reduction is more than 18dB for 500 Hz frequency and 23dB for 1,000 Hz frequency




Code T L H Weight
GDA1819 1.8in 45mm 71.6in 1819mm 34.0in 862mm 22.0lb 10kg
GDA1514 1.8in 45mm 59.6in 1514mm 34.0in 862mm 18.7lb 8.5kg
GDA1209 1.8in 45mm 47.6in 1209mm 34.0in 862mm 15.2lb 6.9kg
GDA904 1.8in 45mm 35.6in 904mm 34.0in 862mm 12.1lb 5.5mm
GDA600 1.8in 45mm 23.6in 600mm 34.0in 862mm 9.0lb 4.1kg

Panel Installation

  • Unit : mm
  • This image is based on system scaffolding, DKS panel can be applied to tube and clamp system too.





Corner Clamp


Corner Clamp with 3 Hooks


Aluminium Corner Panel for Narrow Area

Certification & Patents


Japanese Association of Scaffolding and Access - Certified No. 1507-17501-45


Design Patent


Technology Patent

Sound Transmission Loss Test

Center Frequency(Hz) 500 1000
Sound Transmission Loss Test Value(Db) 19.6 24.3
Specified Approval Value Frequency (Hz)500 : More than 18
Frequency(Hz)1,000 : More than 23

Test Results

Certified Test Result
Sound Transmission Loss Test Pass No.15701B
Strength Test Pass No.15066-1175-01B
Drop Test and Flexural Strength Pass No.15066-1175-01B

Bending Strength Test

Test Piece No. 1 2 3
Strength [kN] More than 5kN More than 5kN More than 5kN
Specified Approval Value Strength Higher than 2.85 & Average Higher than 3.14kN

Drop Test and Bend Test

Test Piece No. 4 5 6
Penetration No No No
Specified Approval Value Falling object did not penetrate the Sound Proof Panel.
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