Safety Guard Post

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It is not possible to add guardrails everywhere and in some cases lifeline systems are the only fall protection systems that can be used.

Safety guard is an economical and complete solution of temporary horizontal lifelines for structural steel that protects workers in areas where there is no suitable fixed anchor.

Once all the posts are in place, attach the ropes from one post to another and so on. It is as simple as saying it.


Ideal for steel erection, bridge work, girders and roof slopes.

Safety Guard Post is also curved to allow easy access around the post for workers, even if they are carrying tools or materials.

Made of lightweight aluminum, Safety Guard Post can be installed in seconds without special tools.

For steel mounting, the safety posts and ropes can be installed on the ground and then lifted into position on the steel.

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Material Aluminium (Alloy)
Weight 14.8lb / 6.7kg
Connection Width It can be installed on steel beam flange's of thickness up to 50mm.

Technical detail of Safety Guard Post

Test Result

Item Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3
Falling Prevention Pass Pass Pass
Crack and Damage No No No
Impact Test 6.45kN 6.52kN 6.54kN
Height of Measuring Instrument 10.8ft 3.3m 10.8ft 3.3m 10.8ft 3.3m

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