Safety Netclamp

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Net Clamp is a system designed to securely attach safety nets to steel beams. Its compact design combined with the high strength material allows it to withstand a load of up to 0.6 tons.


Useful for all kind of steel portal frame structures

Quick and sage installation with its bolt

Ideal for all kind of beams

Allows the net to be suspended below the working level


Weight 1.3lb / 600g
Body Rolling-Forging S45C Electroplating
Hook SWRCD10W1/2 x 60
Bolt W1/2 x 60
Test Report

Industrial Technology Center, Japan

Max. Tensile Load Result after testing
12.50kN / Safety load 1,322lb Connecting Bolt (Warped)

Directions for the Use of Net Clamp

  1. Please firmly screw up to 34.5~44N.m (
  2. Please keep the interval of net clamps within 2. meters when installation
  3. Please pass the rope into each two hooks clearly to make sure it is not loose
  4. Please never hang rope over its bolt
  5. Recommend not to use the damaged or deformed visible to the naked eye
  6. Please install it inside the beam's flange as deeply as possible
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