Safety Step



Due to its unique characteristics and intrinsic qualities such as its ease of use or its one-of-a-kind type of strong wedge connection, Safety Step is a versatile scaffolding system that never disappoints its users.

Better productivity

An intelligent and easy-to-use system that requires a minimum of components to be fully functional, enhancing opportunities for increased productivity. Safety Step is a perfect system for straight construction with proven track records in South Korea and Japan.

Improved safety when erected

Safety Step was designed from the beginning with safety in mind. It relies principally on its excellent bond strength and its unique type of strong wedge connection that can cope with the most difficult situations. This strong combination provides greater stability and safety than other systems as the scaffold height increases.

Improved safety in use

In the workplace, employees' safety cannot be overlooked. Safety Step is equipped with boards offering good grip as well as a good locking system for securing difficult weather. Moreover, the ability to see through the boards both up and down prevents working under each other at the same location and contributes to avoid many accidents.

Manufactured to last

All Safety Step components are galvanized and therefore offer excellent anti-corrosion resistance. This protection reduces maintenance costs, extends lifespan and therefore enables longer utilization.

High quality manufacturing

Safety Step is manufactured by experienced and highly trained employees in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. Moreover, in order to guarantee reliability and a top quality finish, all welding are performed by precision welding robots and the raw material used is thoroughly controlled.


1. Ledgers

Code Description Weight
DSS-L-1800 70.9 in SS Ledger 1800mm 8.8 lb 4.0 kg
DSS-L-1500 59.0 in SS Ledger 1500mm 7.5 lb 3.4 kg
DSS-L-1200 47.2 in SS Ledger 1200mm 5.5 lb 2.5 kg
DSS-L-0900 35.4 in SS Ledger 900mm 4.4 lb 2.0 kg
DSS-L-0600 23.6 in SS Ledger 600mm 3.7 lb 1.7 kg
DSS-L-0300 11.8 in SS Ledger 300mm 2.4 lb 1.1 kg

2. Standards

Code Description Weight
DSS-S-1800 149.6 in SS Standard 3800mm 30.4 lb 13.8 kg
DSS-S-1900 74.8 in SS Standard 1900mm 16.1 lb 7.3 kg
DSS-S-0950 37.4 in; SS Standard 950mm 8.8 lb 4.0 kg
DSS-S-0475 18.7 in SS Standard 475mm 5.5 lb 2.5 kg
DSS-S-0130 5.1 in SS Standard 130mm 1.5 lb 0.7 kg

3. Braces

Code Description Weight
DSS-B-2600 102.4 in SS Brace 2600mm 8.2 lb 3.7 kg
DSS-B-2000 78.7 in SS Brace 2000mm 6.2 lb 2.8 kg
DSS-B-1500 59.1 in SS Brace 1500mm 5.1 lb 2.3 kg

4. Planks (400mm Width)

Code Description Weight
DSS-HP-4018 70.9 in SS Plank 1800mm 30.9 lb 14.0 kg
DSS-HP-4015 54.0 in SS Plank 1500mm 26.5 lb 12.0 kg
DSS-HP-4012 47.2 in SS Plank 1200mm 22.9 lb 10.0 kg
DSS-HP-4009 35.4 in SS Plank 900mm 18.3 lb 8.3 kg
DSS-HP-4006 23.6 in SS Plank 600mm 13.9 lb 6.3 kg

5. Planks (240mm width)

Code Description Weight
DSS-HP-2418 70.4 in SS Plank 1800mm 22.5 lb 10.2 kg
DSS-HP-2415 54.0 in SS Plank 1500mm 18.7 lb 8.5 kg
DSS-HP-2412 47.2 in SS Plank 1200mm 15.9 lb 7.2 kg
DSS-HP-2409 35.4 in SS Plank 900mm 12.1 lb 5.5 kg
DSS-HP-2406 23.6 in SS Plank 600mm 8.4 lb 3.8 kg

6. Stairs

Code Description Weight
[ST] DSS-STAIR 16.5 X 103.0 in 420 x 2615 mm 49.4 lb 22.4 kg
[AL] DSS-ALSTAIR 17.7 X 103.0 in 450 x 2615 mm 24.9 lb 11.3 kg

7. Truss

Code Description Weight
DSS-T-3600 141.7 in SS Truss 3600mm 31.7 lb 14.4 kg
DSS-T-5400 212.6 in SS Truss 5400mm 102.5 lb 46.5 kg

8. Lockpin




Code Description Weight
DSS-Lockpin SS Lockpin 0.04 lb 0.02 kg

9. Brackets

Code Description Weight
DSS-MBL-600 23.6 in SS Bracket 600mm 5.3 lb 2.4 kg
DSS-MBL-350 13.8 in SS Bracket 350mm 3.5 lb 1.6 kg

10. Adj. Brackets

Code Description Weight
DSS-MBLL-600 23.6 in SS Adj. Bracket 600mm 7.5 lb 3.4 kg
DSS-MBLL-350 13.8 in SS Adj. Bracket 350mm 4.0 lb 1.8 kg

11. Jacks

Code Description Weight
DSS-JF-600 23.6 in SS Jack 600mm 7.3 lb 3.3 kg
DSS-JS-600 8.5 in SS Jack 600mm 2.0 lb 3.5 kg

12. Compress Jacks

Code Description Weight
DSS-PJ-600 23.6 in SS Compress Jack 600mm 6.6 lb 3.0 kg
DSS-CJ-215 8.5 in SS Compress Jack 215mm 2.0 lb 0.9 kg

13. Plates

Code Description Weight
DSS-BP-2424 9.4 X 9.4 in 240 x 240 mm 1.8 lb 0.8 kg
DSS-EB-2424 9.4 X 9.4 in 240 x 240 mm 1.1 lb 0.5 kg

14. Wall Connectors

Code Description Weight
DSS-WC-3352 13.0 in - 20.5 in 330 mm - 520 mm 3.3 lb 1.5 kg
DSS-WC-4872 18.9 in - 28.3 in 480 mm - 720 mm 4.0 lb 1.8 kg

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