Ring Frame System



Engineered for versatility and durability, the Ring Frame System is ideal for structures with complex shapes, plans and heights. Whether as a scaffold or a shoring system, it is the perfect choice when angular flexibility is essential.

Unlimited possibilities

At the core of the Ring Frame System is the rosette design. This unique plate has eight apertures that can link up to eight horizontal and diagonal to each rosette. In other words, the Ring Frame System offers virtually unlimited angular fitting and design, making it the perfect scaffold for triangular, polygonal and curved structures.

Manufactured to last

All Ring Frame System components are galvanized and therefore offer excellent anti-corrosion resistance. This protection reduces maintenance costs, extends lifespan and therefore enables longer utilization.

A strong and safe connection system

The Ring Frame system uses a wedge shaped system to ensure a safe and reliable connection (e.g. cannot be accidentally dislodged) between standards, ledgers and diagonal braces.

A comprehensive range

As a versatile manufacturer and inventor of modular scaffolding systems, DKS also provides a complete range of components such as e.g. panels, crowns and supports.
Japan Sumitomo Corporation's construction in Vietnam


1. Standards

Code Description Tube size & Weight Tube size & Weight
DRF-S-3000 118.1 in RF Standard 3000m 1.9(ln)x3.2t & 29.5lb 13.37kg 2.4(ln)x3.2t & 35.7lb 16.2kg
DRF-S-2500 98.4 in RF Standard 2500m 1.9(ln)x3.2t & 24.6lb 11.14kg 2.4(ln)x3.2t & 29.8lb 13.5kg
DRF-S-2000 78.7 in RF Standard 2000m 1.9(ln)x3.2t & 19.7lb 8.92kg 2.4(ln)x3.2t & 23.8lb 10.8kg
DRF-S-1500 59.1 in RF Standard 1500m 1.9(ln)x3.2t & 14.7lb 6.69kg 2.4(ln)x3.2t & 17.9lb 8.1kg
DRF-S-1000 39.4 in RF Standard 1000m 1.9(ln)x3.2t & 9.8lb 4.46kg 2.4(ln)x3.2t & 11.9lb 5.4kg
DRF-S-500 19.7 in RF Standard 500m 1.9(ln)x3.2t & 4.9lb 2.23kg 2.4(ln)x3.2t & 1.0lb 2.7kg

2. Ledgers

Code Description Weight
DRF-L-2440 96.1 in RF Ledgers 2440mm 20.9 ib 9.50 kg
DRF-L-1830 72.0 in RF Ledgers 1830mm 15.4 lb 7.00 kg
DRF-L-1220 48.0 in RF Ledgers 1220mm 11.0 lb 5.00 kg
DRF-L-900 35.4 in RF Ledgers 900mm 8.8 lb 4.00 kg
DRF-L-600 23.6 in RF Ledgers 600mm 7.0 lb 3.20 kg
DRF-L-300 11.8 in RF Ledgers 300mm 4.4 lb 2.00 kg

3. Frames

Code Description Tube size & Weight Tube size & Weight
DRF-F-2000 78.7 in RF Frames 3000m 1.9(ln)x3.2t 52.6lb 23.88kg 2.4(ln)x3.2t 60.9lb 27.64kg
DRF-F-1500 59.1 in RF Frames 1500m 1.9(ln)x3.2t 42.8lb 19.42kg 2.4(ln)x3.2t 49.0lb 22.24kg
DRF-F-1000 39.4 in RF Frames 1000m 1.9(ln)x3.2t 33.0lb 14.96kg 2.4(ln)x3.2t 37.0lb 16.78kg

4. Braces

Code Description Weight
DRF-XB-1679 RF Braces 1679mm 9.2 lb 4.20 kg
DRF-XB-1952 RF Braces 1952mm 10.5 lb 4.80 kg
DRF-XB-2554 RF Braces 2554mm 14.1 lb 6.40 kg

5. Spigot

Code Description Weight
DRF-KSET Base Collar 11.4 lb 5.20 kg
DRF-KSET500 19.7 in RF Spigot 500mm 20.9 lb 9.50 kg

6. Boards

Code Description Weight
DRF-B-2440 96.1 in RF Boards 2440mm 36.4 lb 16.50 kg
DRF-B-1830 72.0 in RF Boards 1830mm 27.6 lb 12.50 kg

7. Hop Up Brackets

Code Description Weight
DRF-HU-600 23.6 in RF Hop Up Brackets 600mm 36.4 lb 16.50 kg
DRF-HU-300 11.8 in RF Hop Up Brackets 300mm 27.6 lb 12.50 kg

8. Braces

Code Description Weight
DRF-B-2000 78.7in x 35.4in RF Braces 2000mm x 900mm 21.0 lb 9.50 kg
DRF-B-2000 78.7 in RF Braces 2000mm x 1830mm 25.0 lb 11.34 kg
DRF-B-2000 59.1in x 35.4in RF Braces 1500mm x 900mm 18.5 lb 8.40 kg

9. Crown

Code Description Weight
DRF-KSFC RF Crown 2.4 lb 1.10kg



10. Mega Panel (material : AL6082-T6)

Code Description Weight
DRF-MP-1809 70.9 x 35.4in 1800 x 900mm 87.5 lb 39.7 kg
DRF-MP-1806 70.9 x 23.6in 1800 x 600mm 57.3 lb 36.0 kg
DRF-MP-1803 70.9 x 11.8in 1800 x 300mm 38.4 lb 17.4 kg
DRF-MP-1209 70.9 x 35.4in 1800 x 900mm 56.7 lb 25.7 kg
DRF-MP-1206 70.9 x 23.6in 1800 x 600mm 42.3 lb 19.2 kg

11. Light Panel (material : AL6061-T6)

Code Description Weight
DRF-MP-1809 70.9 x 35.4in 1800 x 900mm 55.6 lb 25.2 kg
DRF-MP-1806 70.9 x 23.6in 1800 x 600mm 41.1 lb 18.64 kg
DRF-MP-1803 70.9 x 11.8in 1800 x 300mm 28.1 lb 12.76 kg
DRF-MP-0909 35.4 x 35.4in 900 x 900mm 30.9 lb 14.0 kg
DRF-MP-0906 35.4 x 23.6in 900 x 600mm 23.1 lb 10.48 kg
DRF-MP-0903 35.4 x 11.8in 900 x 300mm 15.2 lb 6.91 kg

12. U-Jacks

Code Description Weight
DRF-KSUJ RF U-JACKS 11.8 lb 5.35 kg

13. Base-Jacks

Code Description Weight
DRF-KSBJ RF BASE-JACK 9.37 lb 4.25 kg

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